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Development History


In  Jan ,   EVE  won  2012  excellent  brand  award  .

In  Jan ,  Mrs  Xia Hua  was  awarded  the  golden phoenix prize  of  culture  industry talents .

In  Jan ,  EVE  won  the  2013 to  2014 the famous trademark of Beijing.

In  May ,  EVE  GROUP  became Beijing zhongguancun enterprise credit promotion association members.

In  May ,   EVE  GROUP  won  the  excellent  service promoting  unit  issued  by  EVE  group. 

In  May  , EVE  won  the   2011  annual   harmonious  beauty  enterprise. 

In  May  15,  EVE  won  the  national quality inspection qualified products .

In  May  15, EVE  won  the  national  good faith commitment to quality outstanding enterprises.

In 2013 ,  EVE  GROUP  won   the  2011  Fengtai   Science park  culture innovation  advanced unit.

In  2013,  EVE  GROUP  won  Zhongguancun hi-tech enterprises  for  3 years.

In Apr , Mrs  Xia  Hua  was  awarded  the  2012  China  excellent  economic  female.

In  May ,  EVE  won  the  annual  award for the best public brand  in public hero festival.

On the  2013  Copenhagen autumn/winter fashion week opening show , NOTTING HILL presented  a   stunning fur show.

In   Jun ,   EVE  GROUP  won the title of 2012 top 100 garment industry enterprises ,profit total ranked 65th,return on sales of 12th.

In  Jul,  EVE  GROUP  won  the  title  of  Beijing trustworthy business attire.

In  Jul  ,  CEO  Xia Hua  attended  the show “Win in China between the blue sky”.

On  August  2 ,  Kevin Kelly  combined  with  Changsha delta beauty department  to organize the  autistic children art exhibition .

On  August  14 ,  EVE  GROUP  joined  in  Wang Chaoge  to   show the Chinese  taste  in   Impression of Chinese music.

In  Sep,  EVE  GROUP  won  the  2013  Beijing  most  cultural  creative   top ten fashion brand silver medal.

In Sep ,  EVE  GROUP won  the  title  of  2012  Fengtai   civilization   unit.

In  Sep ,  NOTTING  HILL   won  the   market potential award  of 2013 Beijing's most culture creative ten fashion brand.

On Sep 26 , EVE  GROUP  won  the  title  of national advanced enterprise of quality integrity initiative.

On  Oct   10 ,  creative gifts of  EVE  GROUP won the  excellence award  of  city industrial tourism commodity class In the tenth Beijing gift contest of tourism commodities.

On  Oct  15 ,  London mayor Boris Johnson came to EVE GROUP  and  experienced  fashion butler service of  EVE .

In  Oct  ,  shirts of   EVE  DE UOMO  won  the  classy article level in  the  2013 quality inspection of   garment industry .

On   Nov  11 ,  CEO  Xia  Hua  took  part  in  the ninth world Chinese business forum held in  Hague in the Netherlands and  gave  speech ,  presented  Asian entrepreneurs  and  awarded the annual Chinese business leaders.