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Development History


On  Feb 8 ,  CEO  Xia Hua  joined  the   show “On the  road” , talked to  youngers  about  the story of entrepreneurship.

EVE de CINA  logged  in  London fashion  week to  interpret   the  Chinese fashion  attitude.

On  Feb 17 ,  EVE de  CINA took  part in London  fashion week.

In  Feb , CEO Xia Hua   attended  the  show “Fashion completely manual” in  Phoenix Chinese station, exposed  the  story  behind  London  Fashion  Week about EVE de CINA.

On  Feb  28 , EVE school  started  to  operate  as  a   professional  platform  to  promoting  comprehensive quality  of  the  team. 

In   Mar, CEO  Xia Hua  took  part  in  CCTV economic life survey party ,  unscrambled  leisure economy new idea  wonderfully.

On  Mar  7,  CEO  Xia Hua  attended  China's economy new forum in Beijing television channel of finance and economics.

In   Mar ,   director of China entrepreneur club visited to EVE GROUP station.

On  Mar 15, CEO Xia Hua  visited  Hunan TV ,  interpreted  the  rose law  of  women  entrepreneurs.

On  May 14, at the 60th anniversary of the China university of political science and law ,EVE elegant  trip  and  Li yundi  piano solo concert was held.

On  Jul 27,  EVE GROUP  present a Chinese cultural value fashion feast  on  the opening day of the Olympic Games in London .