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Development History


In  Jan, EVE  group  allied  Lv Siqing to  hold  a  grand  concert in  Chongqing , feedback the trust of  VIP friends  to  EVE  for  many years.

In  Feb ,  EVE   joined CCTV6 column “creative sky” to select  domestic emerging designers and  make  elegant  man.

In  Mar,  in the one hundred anniversary of International Working Women's Day ,as
March 8 Red-Banner Holders , Mrs  Xia Hua receive a cordial meeting with  state  leaders.

In  Mar ,  NOTTING HILL high fashion men's clothing conference kicked  off  2010 fashion  week.

On  May 4 ,  “EVE Elegant Trip” came to   China University of Political Science and Law. Mrs Xia Hua as the school board, in order to  rich  cultural  and  artistic life  in  alma mater , built a art square in  the  university.

In  Jul, EVE  group won the 2010 annual Beijing fengtai advanced basic-level party organization.

In  Sep , “EVE de UOMO” won the Beijing top  ten  fashion  brands  gold  prize.

In  Sep,  EVE  group  won the title  of  outstanding  contribution  enterprise of zhongguancun science park in  2009.

In  Sep , “NOTTING HILL” won the Beijing top  ten  fashion  brands.

On  Oct 21 , “NOTTING HILL” won the 2009 to 2010  Chinese  market  best-selling brand .

In  Oct,  EVE  enterprise  won the outstanding contribution prize in fengtai district economic development.

In  Oct, EVE  enterprise  won the outstanding contribution brand  in Fengtai.

On   Nov 18 ,  EVE  enterprise  won the China's innovation design red star award.

In  Nov ,  CEO  Xia Hua  won the annual China marketing elite in 2010.

On  Nov 1 , NOTTONG  HILL won the  2010 men’s clothing  design award  issued by China international fashion week.

On  Nov  20,  EVE  won the  classy  article industry  product  in  2010  national  suit  quality  testing  activities.

In  Dec ,  EVE  won  the  most  Chinese  characteristics  award  in   Chinese  new  menswear  design  exhibition.