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Development History


In 2009  Spring Festival party ,EVE brands provide clothing for language programs.

CEO Xia Hua  won  the  title  of  top  ten  characters of China chain example in 2008.

NOTTING HILL  Won the  2007  to  2008  potential  award of  the  Chinese  clothing brand .

In  2009 , Notting hill haute couture conference opened the prelude of the China
fashion week .

At  the  17th  CHIC exhibition , EVE  group  push  out  the  EVE  emotional  fashion  culture  show.

In  May  2009 ,  CEO  Xia  Hua  won  the  title  of  2009 annual  business  mulan.

EVE  won  the   title of  top  100  in national  garment   industry in 2008.

EVE  was awarded the famous trademark of Beijing .

EVE  was identified as state-level high-tech enterprises in 2009.

EVE  won  the innovation enterprise culture award in  Fengtai  science park in 2008 and  brand to create outstanding contribution enterprise award.

EVE  won  the  Beijing  top  ten  fashion  gold  brand  medal in 2009.

EVE  Group  designed  and   produced  clothing  for   100000  marchers  in the 60th  birthday  celebration  of  motherland  in  2009.

In  Oct ,  2009 Beijing world design congress and  creation  links  forum  were  held.

In  Dec ,  EVE Showed  square fashion theme series products of Chinese elements,opened the prelude of 09 early winter fashion.

In  Dec, Mrs Xia Hua  attended Chinese entrepreneurs leader annual meeting and the peasant associations.

In  Dec , EVE group  combined  BTV column “Hall of  Fame”,  launch the campaign of  elegant man.