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Development History


In  January , EVE  brand  awarded  Beijing top ten  popular  clothing  brand once  again , continue to firmly suit first class market, meanwhile  won the  Beijing gold  brand  of  clothing  marketing in  2005 .

In  February, the  Beijing vice  mayor comrade Lu Hao came to  EVE enterprise to  guide and inspection,  and  brought together 16 well-known garment enterprises  to  hold  a clothing  brand marketing seminars to promoting the construction of  the  fashion  capital. 

In  March, EVE  honored  the  famous  trademark of  Beijing;
Beijing business attire clothing textile industry design research and development center settled  in  EVE  group;
EVE  group  and   the Central Committee of the Communist Young League  held  the EVE moved  China  youth entrepreneurship model exhibition  together in  20 cities  around  the  country ,  and  donated   more than 600 sets of uniform to hope primary school students.

In  September, CEO Xia Hua  awarded  as  Chinese  business man  in  2006;
EVE  honored  Beijing  top ten  fashion  brand  issued  by  Beijing  municipal government.

In  October, EVE  obtained the first  China textile clothing brand influence media awards and the most fashionable clothing brand.

On  November 4 ,during  the   Beijing  summit  of  China-Africa  cooperation forum,  the  custom  clothing  for  African  president  fast made  by  EVE  in  24 hours  got  the  thumbs up  from  African  president  and ambassador,

Beijing  municipal  government  and   China association of textile industry
consistently. As  a  result ,EVE  got  the  reputation  of   Beijing summit of the  China-Africa  forum  receive  advanced  unit.

On  November  16,  the  fashion  forum  of  the  tenth  Beijing  Hong Kong  symposium  held in  Hong Kong successively, EVE  assisted  Beijing municipal  bureau  of  industrial  promotion  organized  the  activities ,  and   provided  all   guests  commemorative gifts with Chinese characteristics.

In  November , after  the professional organization survey, EVE  group  was  celebrated  as  excellent enterprise of Chinese corporate social responsibility survey by  CCTV 、Private economy research institute of Beijing university and  other  organizations.

On  December 3, the  truth  of  EVE  moved  China  in  2006  celebration  held in  Beijing  successively , EVE  announced   that   it  would  assist  the  martyr orphans Xie Yuyang’s  total consumption expenditure until  finish  his  college.

On  December 10 ,  CEO  Xia Hua   won  the  title  of  top  ten  entrepreneurs  that  affect  the  people’s  economic  life.