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Development History


 CEO  Xia Hua Won the title of  China Economic Female Figures of the Year .
 EVE  brands topped the list of the  men's clothing sales brand in Beijing one hundred million yuan class mall .
 EVE business suit won  the  industry's most popular clothing brand, EVE  enterprise  obtained  the  outstanding  contribution  award  in  China  business  suit.
 On  28 Mars,   EVE  brands  stand  out  from  the  over  500  companies  and
won  the  year  award  of  Chinese  clothing  brand  in  invitation   which  enjoy the  Chinese  clothing  Oscar  reputation.
 In  2005,  in  the  forum  session  of  “ Brand  culture  and   Chinese  manufacture “ held  by  Chinese  clothing   forum ,  EVE  brands  as  culture-oriented  brands  became  the  focus  of  the  forum  once  again,  won the  most  Chinese  spiritual  value  and   cultural  value  clothing   brand award. 
 As the invitation of Alax  ecological society, CEO Xia Hua  held  the  post  of  a council  member of  the  association  and  on  behalf  of  the  group  $100000 per year, 10 years in a row harness the  desertification in Alax