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Stamp art with fashion "battle robe", EVE and Chinese embroider pay tribute to "golden years"

Published time:2017.11.06

On November 1, 2017, a fashion show created by the EVE craftsmanship, China National Philatelic Corporation and China golden gold co. LTD named golden age appeared on the Mercedes Benz - China international fashion week..
At the 2018 EVE CINA spring & summer fashion show, we can see the stamps embroidered by the female embroiders. During the 15 years, EVE Craftsmanship devoted to find to collaborators in different industries. EVE Craftsmanship wants more and more people live a decent life with their own hand, so it take the traditional crafts from  the mountain to the international stage.

On The 20th anniversary of China's international fashion week , it is also the 20 years of Chinese fashion from birth to growth. This show will presents the world the artistic achievements of cross - boundary development, integration and innovation, and the fashion attitude and cultural confidence rooted in China.
There was 40 sets of EVE CINA spring and summer fashion and 42 carefully matched national gold jewelry, which were all inspired by the hundreds of years of Chinese stamp culture.

"As international brands are taking joint line, we try to think in innovative ways, put the crossover and stamps culture together to create a practical Chinese wind which more popular with young people tide. In the design concept, we hope to use the modern design, make the beauty of the square inch to the part of the fashion life. In the process of creation, we always insist on the production of the artisanal beauty instead of the machine, and the spirit of the craftsman shows the Chinese charm. Because we believe that our own culture is the most moving aesthetic force, no matter how the tide changes.

In line with this design concept, this season, EVE CINA fashion adopts a variety of design techniques such as embroidery, printing, and stereo collage, which can filter the patterns of stamps and the time imprints into a new fashion concept. In more lifelike manner, to interprete the Palace Museum exhibition of China's green landscape masterpiece, li Jiang Shantu, famous artists, stamps designer Mr Chen shaohua, Mr Guo Chenghui design zodiac dragon stamp, a famous landscape painter Mr Xu Renlong design stamps of the Great Wall. Through exquisite fashion language interpretation heart, is both a grand expeditions of praise to the motherland, to the Chinese zodiac culture heritage, as well as to the Great Wall is on behalf of the celebration of the human history of civilization, also to show the world the rooted in five thousand years of Chinese civilization China fashion attitude.


In order to match the Chinese elements of fashion, the accessories of this show are specially designed by golden golden co., LTD. The Jewelry theme "dragon and phoenix" as, based in China's ancient "han tsing lung eaves tiles" and "Tang jinfeng" longfeng pattern, combined with Chinese traditional sealing-wax stamp, which means confirming the love and happiness forever. Another series with "China's first dragon" - hongshan jade dragon and minimalist grain fusion xiangyun modelling, creatively used hand embroidery.

An old man, a young man, a woman who never wrote a letter... With three quiet, live-action monologues, more than 600 guests were brought back to the date of the letter.
A stamp, a family book, a needle, a memory of the mother. In the long time tunnel, only the precious memories of this hometown, like gold, always shine brightly. The "golden age" of fashion show not only attracted weidu Ma, shaohua ,Chen, chenghui Guo, renlong  Xu and other art master and ambassadors and their wives, let every audience members become the participants..

With a touch of shock and emotion, the guests wrote on the postcards prepared for them, about the blessings and greetings to the people who missed them. When leaving the field, countless warmth was put into the mailbox and sent away.

"We hope that by this time the traditional arts can cooperate with stamp and gold art culture, through the design and creation, with the power of fashion, make the gene of Chinese traditional culture rooted in each of the Chinese people's hearts become a part of modern life, part of a very proud, and fit the pulse of The Times, to glow the new vitality. I think a brand that can pass on China's historical value and cultural value can more forcefully talk to the world. This is also the attitude and temperature of a Chinese brand. What the most happy moment is we can see more and more people, together with us, to discover beauty, show beauty, give more female embroideries a chance which they can feed the chickens, ducks, carry baby, embroidery flowers, feed themselves, support home in his own house" -- xia hua, chairman and founder of EVE China craftsmanship.

For 15 years, we have been committed to the international expression of traditional Chinese elements. The platform use "discover, sorting, innovation and application" accurate model for poverty alleviation, the business model of sustainable development, make the craftsmen in the mountains, have the opportunity to step by step in family "embroidered dream workshop", gain the ability to permanently out of poverty.

To the best "golden years" in our hearts -- this autumn of 2017, the century-old Chinese stamp art has been put on a fashion "war robe", to honor the years and face the future with cultural confidence.