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About EVE

EVE GROUP was founded in 1994. After 22 years of development and commercial operation, it is now enjoying global reputation as a high-end fashion brand in the clothing industry. The company successively built EVE DE UOMO, NOTTINGHILL, Kevin Kelly, JAQUES PRITT and EVE CINA and other high-end clothing brands. Its businesses have been expanded to clothing, apparel, professional clothing, butler service, Chinese traditional crafts, gifts, international brand agency and cultural creativity and so on. Now it has over 500 stores across the country. 

For a long time, EVE  GROUP always pay attention to the development and growth of creative industries. On product design, EVE GROUP mixes the most valuable  Chinese traditional culture and international fashion elements together perfectly. On the industrial chain integration, EVE GROUP advocates “Chinese design, global manufacturing, Chinese story international express”, EVE  has achieved global operations. On designer’s  training,  EVE GROUP has set up its own studio and talent pool in London, Paris and Milan, by implementing the integration of global talent, EVE  has formed its own global design centers. On science and technology research and development, EVE GROUP has set up a maker space, to  making innovations on multiple high-tech fields. On product marketing, EVE GROUP pioneers and sticks to the emotion marketing and culture marketing, has accumulated a large number of loyal high-end customers. On the service mode, EVE GROUP pioneers the unique housekeeper type service mode, opens new experience for the customer. On the brand construction, EVE GROUP joints high-end and crossover fashion brands together.

EVE GROUP successively won the Chinese well-known trademark、 The famous trademark of Beijing、Beijing top ten fashion brand gold medal、Chinese clothing brand of the year award、Chinese cultural spirit and cultural value of the clothing brand award、Beijing's top ten most culture creativity fashion brands and so on. The creative concept  of integrating science and culture together has become a religion of  the group.
EVE  brands  has  always  planted Chinese life philosophy and culture connotation into fashion, uses  international  words to  dialogue with  global fashion aesthetic. On the day of the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games,  EVE held the “Chinese business day and  EVE fashion  show”in Lancaster house in Britain,oined hands with dozens of well-known Chinese entrepreneurs and stars to interpreting  fashionable glamour. On opening show of the 2015 international fashion week, EVE CINA  ready-to-wear collection revealed to the world the beauty of Chinese handicrafts.

EVE GROUP focus on the protection of traditional handicraft and the intangible cultural heritage in nearly a decade, founded the Chinese handicraft workshop with  broad public spirit, set up  the  platform to inheriting  Chinese traditional craft culture,and built manual art  museum  for thousands of embroider niang in mountains of YunGuiChuan area.Rcaed against  modern  civilization with the embroider niang,carded and  built China’s decoration  and  craft  database, EVE uses the power of  business and  designer to  protect the dying  traditional Chinese handicrafts.To let the beauty of the Chinese handicrafts influence the world, and to let the Chinese craftsmen spirit from generation to generation.

In addition, with the yearning of emerging service forms in the internet field, EVE  Actively trys to implement cross-border in various field , thus  created a internet development model and new  supply chain solution in the traditional industry. Through the Internet,EVE GROUP become a brave linker and  advocates for various fields,then groped and formed a development route of Internet industry characteristic.