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Personal introduction

Ms. Xia Hua, one of the China’s  clothing  industry  leaders, representative of Chinese women entrepreneurs. Present offices including EVE GROUP CEO、director of Chinese entrepreneur club、vice chairman of Zhisland、founding partner of Tai chi chan 、vice President of Chinese clothing association. Ms. Xia  was  awarded “Forbes One of the 25 Chinese in global fashion industry”、“The most influential entrepreneurs”、“Women of the year in China's economy”、“Chinese business man”、“China's top ten female excellence enterprise in management innovation”、“Top ten entrepreneurs  affecting  the  people’s  economic life ”、“China's top ten marketing person”、“China fashion man in 20 years”、“Chinese business women of the year”and so on. She consistently makes top dress with originality, pours the whole heart to leading fashion attitude, constantly presents national brand and the traditional crafts on the international stage.

Ms. Xia  was graduated from China university of political science and law  and then became a  teacher. With accurate judgment to the clothing market, in 1994 she quit college teachers' position and  Engaged in the garment industry. In the later 20 years , she  established five brands as  EVE DE UOMO、NOTTING HILL、Kevin  Kelly  、JAQUES PRITT、EVE CINA, poured  Chinese life philosophy and culture connotation into fashion.

On the day of the opening ceremony of 2012 London Olympic Games, EVE GROUP held  “Chinese business day and  EVE fashion show” in British business mansion Custer palace. On the opening show of  2015 international  fashion week , EVE CINA fashion  presentation  showed the beauty of  the  Chinese  handicraft to  the world . She constantly integrates traditional garment industry, creates  the linker to high-end clothing enterprises, lets the Chinese fashion attitude affect the world , guides Chinese enterprises go to the world stage.

Ms. Xia  nearly 10 years focus on the protection of traditional craft and the intangible cultural heritage. She  founded  the  China  handicraft  with  broad public feelings , set up  a  platform for inheritance of Chinese traditional craft culture, built museum in the YunGuiChuan mountains for thousands of embroider niang, Carded and built China's decoration and craft database, protected  dying traditional Chinese handicraft  by   designing  and  business, tried to  make the beauty of the Chinese manual influence the world and let the Chinese craftsmen spirit from generation to generation.