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Promoting double generation

EVE GROUP putting “Party building studies” into practice, promoting  “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”
EVE GROUP  Party  branch assisted  on putting  “Party building studies” into practice . Today the government  strongly supported “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”. EVE GROUP persisted  in advancing with the times and developing philosophy of continuous innovation, took early  insight into  market development prospects, mixed the fashion creative industries and  “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” together, promoted EVE fashion creative industry inheriting Chinese traditional culture. Before  several  years  ago , EVE GROUP had got  embroidered niang in Yunnan together, built  museums  and  handicrafts  in  mountains, set up Build “small embroidered clothing” and other independent brands, brought  the  Chinese  beauty  to  Fashion  city  like Paris,Milan  and  New York.  What  more  important  is  EVE GOURP  has  helped  many  more  startups  realized  entrepreneurial dreams.
On July 8th 2016, Zhongguancun fengtai park ” Odd jobs community” press conference was held in Fengtai district government press conference room. EVE GROUP Party branch secretary and CEO Xia Hua,deputy head of Fengtai district Ms. Zhang Jie  and  other more than one hundred innovative entrepreneurs and media higher-ups witnessed the historic moment jointly.